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Jonathan Javier

Career TikTok: You’ve heard of it on TikToks platform, and it’s amazing to see many people from all different industries coming together to help job-seekers land jobs. The TikTok career space is filled with those who bring positivity to the job search and give tangible tips and resources. It’s what’s helped our own Wonsulting TikTok have significant growth within the past 4 months.

But who are the people you should follow that are giving great advice? Who are those that keep job-seekers going and give insights to help them land jobs?

Throughout my time posting on Wonsulting’s TikTok, I’ve met so many TikTokers that are willing to help others and give advice. They share a similar mission to Wonsulting: as we turn underdogs into winners, they turn job-seekers into having job offers.

In this article, I write about #Career TikTokers who continuously make amazing videos and are some of the top career content creators to follow on TikTok.

How did I identify these TikTokers on the platform?

  1. Their content: These TikTokers consistently post content that provide value to their audiences and are applicable tips for all job-seekers
  2. Their background: They all come from different walks of life: Some are recruiters and HR, others are directors, and some are simply career coaches.
  3. They’re all about helping others: When I see their content, it not only brings a positive outlook with tangible advice but also their willingness to go out of their way to help their followers

In no particular order, here’s some of the top career content creators to follow on TikTok:

If you want to learn how to break into top tech companies, follow Christen Nino De Guzman (@chrristen)


Christen, who works in Community Development at TikTok, is a Latinx creator, speaker, and mentor in the tech community. While she’s spent most of her career working with creator communities, outside of work she’s passionate about helping people land their dream jobs and break into the tech industry through her career advice content. She has 8+ years experience working at top tech companies like Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. She’s also been featured on Business Insider for how to get a job at Instagram and other companies!

Her best advice: to step outside your comfort zone is key to continued growth/success at work!

If you want to learn the ins and outs from a best-selling author and Adweek’s Careers Creator of the Year, follow Shadé Zahrai (@shadezahrai)


Shadé Zahrai, who’s a Director & Chief Positive Influencer at Influenceo Global Inc., is an award-winning strategist, Career Performance Specialist and sought-after Self-mastery Expert. A former commercial lawyer that transitioned to a successful career in banking and strategy consulting, she has since become a bestselling author, TEDx speaker and was recently recognised as Adweek’s Careers Creator of the Year. With her husband Faysal she runs leadership development, consulting and research firm Influenceo Global Inc. working with Fortune 500s across the globe, and is founder of the Neurofemina Institute, a global initiative to promote career advancement for women. Shadé pairs neuroscience and psychology to tackle many different areas of dominating a skillful, successful mindset, having helped thousands of professionals to level-up in their career.

Her best advice: “Do you want to know the hardest part of starting something new? It’s actually starting! You might be holding off from the job hunting process, or even applying for that dream role, because you’re listening to that voice in your head that tells you you’re not ready. You’re not qualified enough. You won’t get it, so why bother trying. You’ll take too long to learn it and people will think you’re a fraud. There are too many risks. What’s the point... And then guess what…? You just sabotaged your changes because you held yourself back.There’s SO much value in just starting.Taking the first step. Being brave. Backing yourself. Believing in your transferable skills, your qualities and your positive, can-do attitude, and putting yourself out there. What you want to do is make starting the goal, not success. Make applying the objective, not getting the offer. Celebrate simply starting and you’ll find you’ll have more motivation to keep going. See every rejection as a redirection and an opportunity to seek feedback and improve your skills. If you can learn to enjoy the process and perfect your approach, this guides you consistently on the path to success.”

If you want to learn from an amazing resume strategist and interview coach, follow Greg Langstaff (@greglangstaff)

Greg, who’s a Certified Resume Strategist & Interview Coach, is a former cubicle-dwelling side hustler, turned full-time Professional Resume Writer on a mission to help as many people as possible to land a job they love. He has a background in education so he loves to teach, which is why TikTok has been such a great platform for him to educate people on resume writing, interview preparation and job search. Outside of work, he is a huge NBA fan (specifically the Raptors) and just bought a pair or rollerblades for the first time in 20 years (wish him luck)!

His best advice: “Whether you're writing your resume or preparing for an interview, you need to know the job description inside and out. Every line on the job posting represents a question the hiring manager has about your capabilities and you need to methodically answer each of those questions in your resume and then again in the interview.”

If you want to learn from an awesome Recruiter turned HR professional, follow Jackie Cuevas (@jackiecaves)


Jackie, who’s an HR Administrator, is a UC Irvine Graduate with over 6 years of experience in Recruiting. She now works in Human Resources as the HR Administrator for the largest youth mentoring organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County & the Inland Empire. She also is a Career Content Creator on TikTok with almost 150K followers, where she posts videos on all things job search: resumes, networking, interviewing, and much more! Her goal is to help and empower others to feel confident in their job search journey, while changing lives along the way.

Her best advice: “Don’t limit yourself, what you’re capable of, and the potential you have because you’re afraid. As you navigate through this job search process, don’t ever underestimate your strengths, and don’t lose sight of the value you have and will bring into your next role. You got this!”

If you want to learn from a Career Navigation Expert, follow Tessa White (@jobdoctortessa)


Tessa is a HR professional with 20+ years of experience in the field. She’s led HR in Fortune 50 companies as well as small start-ups to mid-sized organizations. She is someone who loves to make content to help job-seekers land jobs, having been featured on many different publications and having her own business, The Job Doctor. She also loves to fly-fish in her spare time!

If you’re trying to learn from a Human Resources Leader who’s been featured on multiple publications, follow Madeline Mann (@selfmademillennial)

Madeline Mann.jpeg

Madeline Mann is the founder of Self Made Millennial and a Human Resources Leader who has helped thousands of people land career defining jobs. Self Made Millennial was named a Top 5 Career Youtube Channel by Career Karma, and the #2 Career-Focused TikTok channel, second to Gary Vaynerchuk. She’s also a LinkedIn Learning instructor who has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, New York Times, and more.

Her best advice: “Your resume should not read like a Wikipedia page of everything you've done, but instead should be a sales page of only the most relevant information to the company. Sales page not a Wikipedia page!”

If you want to learn about modern advice to professionals on landing jobs and growing it to a perfect career, follow Marie Buharin (@modernesse)

TikTok 1.png

Marie, who’s a Sr. Director, Regulatory in Medical Device Industry, is a leader in the medical device industry with 10+ years of experience. Throughout this time, Marie witnessed young professionals struggling in the job search market and with growing their careers, often using outdated advice. Modernesse was created to provide relevant and modern advice to professionals on getting that job and growing it into the perfect career.

Her best advice: “Be resourceful and do what others aren't or are afraid to do.”

If you want to learn career advice from a Talent Partner, follow Eleni Pavlovic (@yourcareersister)


Eleni, who works as a Talent Partner, has been working in recruitment for two years now, working at an RPO, where she basically is an extension of her clients internal talent team! She works with them to do all of their recruitment globally, but also works on recruitment strategy, interview structures, improving DEI initiatives, and lots more. Alongside that, she runs her own career coaching business, providing advice on TikTok and Instagram about how to job search successfully! Her goal is to revamp recruitment so candidates have a fab experience, and also help as many people as she can to land their dream jobs through the advice provided on TikTok!

Her best advice: “Don't be afraid to follow up. When you submit an application, send a polite note 1-2 days after to showcase your interest. If you haven't heard back from an interview after one week, send a polite email to ask for some feedback. Too many of us are scared about 'how it'll look', but any company worth working for will understand and APPRECIATE that you're following up. If they get annoyed, for me, that would be a red flag.”

If you’re trying to hear more insights from an HR point of view, follow Vicky Ulinici (@vicky.ul)


Vicky, who’s an HR Manager, has been passionate about HR since high school. She started her career as an HR volunteer in international organizations and since then, has managed to be involved in all major people-related processes. Thanks to TikTok, she has the chance to reveal useful insights from an HR point of view which has helped job seekers and fresh graduates get their dream job.

Her best advice: “It's hard to highlight a specific career tip, because getting your dream job requires a certain amount of smart steps, but I can mention what worked for me: start working on your career from early years, stop complaining on the labor market, stay curious and network a LOT!”

If you want to follow someone who has tons of free resources, follow David Paykin (@davidpaykin)


David was helping family & friends privately with their job search since he had learned a lot of these strategies the hard way. He saw a massive need for folks who were struggling to land opportunities in a brutal job market. He also noticed tons of job seekers, especially college grads & young professionals, who couldn't necessarily afford a career coach to guide them, so he set out on providing free tactics & resources. He even goes live every single day at 9pm CST on TikTok to jump into 1-on-1s with his community.

His best advice: “The biggest misconception that’s holding so many job seekers back is confusing “experience” with “work experience”. Here are a couple ways you gain experience WITHOUT internships & jobs: Volunteering - take advantage of sites like Idealist & Catchafire to find projects within your industry to build up direct experience ; Side Projects - find something you love & build skills for the roles you’re looking for while doing it (posting on social media, building an app or website, researching nonprofits, etc.) ; Free Online Courses - take classes on LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera, edX & other educational platforms to build the EXACT technical skills they’re looking for in the job descriptions. Doing this will also overcome the “3-5 years experience” that companies seek”

If you’re trying to watch fun and existing videos from a Software Engineer’s perspective, follow Jerry Chen (@misodope)

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 7.46.05 PM.png

Jerry is a Software Engineer turned TikTok content creator. He still works full time but loves making videos and different types of content on TikTok. He currently lives in NYC but was raised across the river in NJ. He’s passionate about getting people to start learning code, especially if they themselves have been thinking about it for a while. He made his TikTok specifically for this reason to help people break into the tech world through code. Although it's not an easy journey for anyone but seeing people's success is what keeps him going.

His best advice: “Just keep applying. It's a number's game. Set a goal for yourself everyday to apply to 10-20 companies at minimum and make sure you record which companies you've applied to!”

If you want to learn from someone who went from corporate to full-time career coach, follow Eve Peña (@adminandeve)


Eve, who’s a NY Office Operations Manager and Founder of Admin & Eve, teaches people how to enter corporate with no experience and (often) no degree because that was her story when she entered corporate. She joined the administrative world in 2016 as a necessity, after unexpectedly gaining custody of her sister. Within 4 years, she was making 6 figures and running Operations for various companies in NYC. After getting laid off during Covid, she realized that there wasn’t a market of career coaches who catered to people early in their careers, making affordability, accessibility, and D&I their missions, and of the career coaches that did, few of them taught people how to transfer their existing customer-facing experience into the administrative realm which is how she started her business!

Her best advice: “Follow up with the hiring managers of the roles you're applying for. 7/10 hiring managers that receive a polite and well-crafted email about why you're passionate about the company/the right person for the role will be keen to connect further. It shows initiative and drive... Isn't that what every company wants?”

If you’re looking for real advice from a career and leadership coach, follow Allison Barr (@allison.l.barr)

Allison Barr.jpeg

Allison is a recovered corporate overachiever, current career and leadership coach. She’s lived and worked all over the globe, coaching clients from non-profit, to corporate to higher education, from Germany to the Middle East, Singapore to Brazil. With a love for business, and human behavior, she understands that both are the fastest track to success in the workplace. Her specialty is coaching clients through current workplace obstacles, though she does love writing a good resume.

Her best advice: “Be confident in your capability and don't underestimate the power of networking!”

If you want to be inspired to pursue your dreams with real advice, follow Erin McGoff (@erinmcgoff)

Erin McGoff is a documentary filmmaker, director, editor, and TikTok creator. She is best known for telling stories that unite humanity and inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Her best advice: “Stop being afraid of rejection”


Lastly, if you’re trying to land a job in 2021, follow us at Wonsulting on TikTok but also our personal accounts (@jonathanwordsofwisdom and @iamjerrry). You’ll find some great insights from each of these amazing career content creators, each who turn underdogs into winners in their own way!

Jonathan Javier is the CEO/Founder of Wonsulting, which mission is to “turn underdogs into winners”. He’s also worked in Operations at Snap, Google, and Cisco coming from a non-target school/non-traditional background. He works on many initiatives, providing advice and words of wisdom on LinkedIn and through speaking engagements. In total, he has led 210+ workshops in 9 different countries including the Mena ICT Forum in Jordan, Resume/Personal Branding at Cisco, LinkedIn Strategy & Operations Offsite, Great Place To Work, Talks at Google, TEDx, and more. He’s also been featured as a Top Job Search Expert in articles from Forbes, Business Insider, DailyMail, Yahoo News, LinkedIn News, Jobscan, Brainz Magazine, and more. He’s amassed almost 1M+ followers on LinkedIn, Instagram,& TikTok as well as 30+ million impressions monthly on his content.

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