Speaker Series

Jonathan Javier and Jerry Lee join together to work on their Wonsulting Speaker Series for conducting in-person workshops/events at different universities and organizations. They share their learnings throughout their college and professional journeys to instill confidence in students and empower them to take hold of their careers.

Wonsulting Videos

#WeeklyWordsofWisdom aims to educate those interested in different industries, especially tech. In varying weeks, we will do a video with a student/professional and ask them a question or advice regarding various topics, whether it is breaking into tech, their career story, or other words of wisdom.

Words of Wisdom

 #JWoW, or Jonathan Words of Wisdom, strives to give advice to others regarding different topics involving: Networking, LinkedIn, Personal Branding, and more!

Our Success Stories

Patricia Young

Jonathan is a motivator, a role model, and most importantly a mentor. At the start of my college career, I had the goal of interning for a company that aligned with my personal passions and values. With Jonathan’s help, I was not only able to identify Google as a company that did so, but also achieve the goal of interning with them in the California Bay Area. Jonathan's genuine passion for helping others pursue their dreams is undeniably remarkable. His #JWOW advice, has helped me highlight and build confidence in my capabilities to pursue my career dreams.

BOLD Intern @ Google

Jonathan Javier

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Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Jerry Lee

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Chief Operating Officer

Justin Mac

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UX Designer

Kimmy Lac

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Social Media Intern

Sidney Cheung

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Program Manager Intern

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