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Kevin Luong
Project Advisor
Project Advisor

I had been laid off and a fairly new graduate. Wonsulting kept my hopes up, kept me inspired, and constantly gave advice on every platform. Having followed them on each of them, allowed me to always be reminded that everyone is going through the same job hunting as you and that it's normal to feel down. The live sessions gave me VALUABLE information that people can easily charge tons of money for but with the Wonsulting’s team and its passion, they put people first and offered advice without hesitation. They edited my resume and I landed a job at Tesla and more opportunities!

Sheetal Dalal
Modem System Test Engineer
Modem System Test Engineer

It was in the middle of the pandemic when I decided to take help from Wonsulting for my job search. Wonsulting helped me with my resume and gave me guidance on job search strategies. All I had to do was follow them and have patience. Not only that, the Wonsulting Team proved to be a strong pillar of support throughout my journey. Job search can wear you out, but with the right people beside you, it can turn into an enjoyable rollercoaster ride. Thank you Wonsulting for your help to turn this international underdog into a winner!

Felicia London
Logistics Specialist
Logistics Specialist

I initially started working with Wonsulting on my resume and job search strategy during the fall semester of my senior year. I had previously been an intern at NASA and had the goal of negotiating the best full time offer with the company once I graduated in the spring.

I was able to use Wonsulting’s networking tactics to get an offer for an analyst role at a mid-sized tech company! One of the interviewers I spoke with was mentored by an alum that I connected with on LinkedIn. She happened to be a senior director at the company in Seattle even though I went to a small liberal arts school in the Midwest. After about four rounds of interviews, I received an offer! I was eventually able to increase my final NASA offer by nearly 20%! I also landed an offer working at Tesla a few years later, thank you Wonsulting!

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