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Lillie Bridges
Global Sales Intern
Global Sales Intern

Wonsulting showed me how to connect and message recruiters and employees on LinkedIn. Before applying, I networked with several employees who worked at the company who had graduated from my university. Additionally, I was able to connect with my LinkedIn recruiter before the internship application went live. When the application launched, I received a referral from a member of my network. Ultimately, I was very fortunate to receive an offer and am so excited for the upcoming summer. This is all thanks to Wonsulting and their job search strategies!

Yanis Romero
Principal Systems Engineer
Principal Systems Engineer

I signed up for Wonsulting to prepare for interviews for my dream companies. They helped me in many different ways, whether it was articulating my experiences and summarizing my work experiences. I found a lot of value in what I learned from them, particularly how to structure my answers in STAR method and how to crush behavioral questions. Overall, I was better prepared to handle subsequent behavioral interviews that led me to receiving an offer from another company!

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