Your Best Bet with Landing Jobs at Startups


By Valerie Mekki

You've always been up for an adventure. When you were a kid, you got a kick out of the "choose your own adventure" books- the more exciting and risk-taking path, the better. 


So when it comes to landing your next role, working at a startup company is exactly what you have your eyes set on.


And you aren't alone. 


Jobs at startups accounted for 3.1 million jobs in 2020 and are expected to rise higher in the future. The lure of being an original team player before the company became a household name is one of the reasons why so many job seekers are looking to join startups. 


However, working for a newly found company comes with some disadvantages. They can be disorganized, lack structure, and expect employees to work long hours. 


Yet, recent grads and early career professionals are willing to look past the downsides of working at a startup. They only see the benefits it could have on their career.


Let's explore what those benefits are. 


Why Jobs at Startups is Good for Your Career


Being a part of a newly formed and smaller company means putting you at the center of the action and having direct access to the founders. 


It would be hard not to catch the company's entrepreneurial spirit and understand the true meaning of the "all hands on deck" mentality. 



With this type of work environment, the list of experiences you will gain towards your career is hard not to pass up: 

  • Exposure to different roles
  • Smaller team higher visibility
  • Opportunities to take on high-impact projects 
  • Solve problems with innovation and creativity

The unique experience of working at a startup is the ideal jumpstart for a person starting their career or making a career change. Your exposure to learning a lot of new things in a fast-paced environment is an opportunity to add a variety of work examples to your resume.

Are you getting excited to land a job at a startup? Awesome! 

Let's go over the different ways you can apply for a role at a startup.


The Four Tiers of Applying for a Job  


You may only be familiar with applying for a job one way. Submit your application and wait. 

But this isn't the only way to apply for a job (thank goodness).  

"There are actually four different tiers when applying for a job," as said by Jonathan Javier, CEO of Wonsulting at the Hirect Live Event

The four tiers for applying to jobs start at the top with tier 1, with the quickest response rate from recruiters and hiring managers. Down to tier 4, with the lowest response rate from companies.


Tier 1- Directly speaking with the hiring manager for the role.

Tier 2- A person from the hiring team is recommending you for the role.

Tier 3-  A referral from an acquaintance or friend within the company.

Tier 4- Submitting your resume to the company website or job board.


Most people only know or try for tiers 3 and 4. Placing you into a large pool of candidates and making it challenging to stand out from the crowd. You probably think you need to be well connected or extremely lucky to land on tier 1 or 2. But that is not the case (I'll explain why a little later in this article).


Now getting back to landing a job with a startup. Which tier do you think startups are looking to engage with for potential candidates?


The tier that helps them build their team in the fastest and most effective way possible. 


How Startups are Looking for Candidates in New Ways


According to a research study conducted by Glassdoor, in the U.S., it took an average of 23.8 days from interview to job offer. And this timing doesn't even include the time it takes to search and apply for jobs. 


There could be a race against the clock to build a team for startups because they just received funding. Or an urgency to hire more positions to help scale to the demands of the business.   


These companies can't wait to hire someone in the next twenty days- they need people now.


Startups are turning to technology to help them solve their hiring challenges-enter Hirect.


Who is Hirect? 


Hirect is a hiring platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to help source and connect hiring managers to perfectly matched candidates. This innovative app is designed on a chat-based platform, meaning job seekers have direct access to the person in charge of hiring. The text-friendly format makes the conversations move more rapidly towards the initial video interview. 


Hirect helps startup companies build their team faster and smarter while improving the jobseeker's experience by eliminating the need to apply to countless openings that lead to little or no responses. 


Which Job Applying Tier Does Hirect Fall? 


If you replied to tier 1- you are correct!


Hirect helps job seekers get directly in front of the hiring managers with over 100,000 startups. The ultimate tier to quickly securing a role at a startup. 


Here are the steps to getting you in front of the people in charge of the hiring. 

  1. Download the Hirect app.
  2. Optimize your resume by making it ATS-friendly.
  3. Get ready to chat directly with the hiring managers. 
  4. Be prepared to win them over during your video interview


Your chances of landing your dream job at a startup are closer than you think. 

Have you downloaded the Hirect app yet? Share below your experience with us!


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