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1. Zain Kahn

Meet Zain Kahn from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the founder and CEO of Superhuman, a leading tech newsletter with over 500,000 daily readers. Zain's mission is to transform Superhuman into the most insightful tech hub on the internet. In just six months, Superhuman has captivated a vast audience, including top professionals in the US, and has been featured in major tech publications.

Zain's content is a goldmine for AI enthusiasts. He covers the latest AI developments, from Jeff Bezos's Perplexity AI to the launch of the GPT Store, and offers insights into 2024's top AI trends. His posts are not only informative but also engaging, making complex AI topics accessible to all.

Following Zain is ideal for anyone interested in AI. He provides deep insights in a way that's easy to understand, keeping you updated and ahead in the dynamic world of AI.

2. Awais Khan

Awais Khan, based in Dubai, also works at Superhuman. He is a key operations leader and has significantly grown the company's revenue while manageing relationships with over 150 sponsors.

Awais's content is essential for AI enthusiasts, offering insights into industry trends and developments, such as Microsoft's and Apple's latest AI advancements. Following him is beneficial for anyone interested in leveraging AI for productivity and staying updated on the AI landscape.

3. Aadit Sheth

Aadit Sheth, based in London, England, is an innovative entrepreneur and the founder of He runs a popular AI-focused newsletter, engaging a community of over 100,000 subscribers with the motto, "Keep up with AI or get replaced by it." His approach to technology is progressive and forward-thinking.

In his posts, Aadit explores the latest in AI, from advancements in models like MidJourney's V6 to significant industry shifts, such as Microsoft's CoPilot app offering GPT-4 features for free. He also discusses AI's real-world applications, like its potential role in agriculture through gene sequencing, a project that could impact millions of farmers.

Following Aadit is beneficial for anyone keen on AI and its evolving role in our world. His insights are not just informative but also encourage deeper thinking about AI's future impact on society and daily life.

4. Allie K. Miller

Allie K. Miller, based in New York, NY, is a highly respected AI Advisor and Angel Investor, known for her work with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and non-profits since 2018. She specializes in a range of AI and machine learning areas, including strategic planning, business development, and marketing strategies.

In her online content, Allie offers insights into AI innovations and their practical uses. She recently discussed Rabbit's new R1 AI Device, driven by a Large Action Model, and plans to share her experiences with it. Her 2023 AI Awards recap provides valuable advice for professionals looking to leverage AI in their fields.

Allie's analysis of tech industry trends, especially in AI, is insightful and forward-looking. She notes significant developments like Microsoft's AI Copilot Button, highlighting the growing competition in AI technology between major companies. Following Allie K. Miller is great for anyone interested in the latest AI trends and their impact on business and technology.

5. Greg Coquillo 

Greg Coquillo, from Issaquah, Washington, is a key figure in Amazon's Product Management team. He's been shaping the AI strategy for Amazon's Private Brand’s Compliance Division since 2021. His work focuses on using new technologies to improve customer services and increase productivity.

In his LinkedIn posts, Greg shares insights about AI and machine learning. He discusses tools like Amazon's OpportunityFinder, which makes complex AI studies easier to understand and use. He also explores new trends in machine learning, like Direct Preference Optimization, which helps align AI models with human preferences.

Following Greg is great for anyone interested in how AI is applied in big

businesses like Amazon. His posts offer a straightforward look into the world of AI, making complex topics more accessible and understandable.

6. Martin Harbech

Martin Harbech, is a Group Director at Meta in the UK. Since January 2018, he's been shaping Meta's vast range of apps and services, from Facebook and Instagram to Oculus and Horizon. Martin is known for integrating digital experiences into daily life, offering fresh perspectives on how technology intersects with art and innovation.

On LinkedIn, he recently discussed KISS's foray into digital avatars, reflecting on how artists are blending the physical and digital worlds. Martin also delves into emerging tech like the sodium-ion battery, highlighting its potential for sustainable energy solutions.

Martin's insights on generative AI and its role in 3D virtual worlds are particularly intriguing. He predicts a future where 3D design is accessible to all, revolutionizing fields from gaming to architecture.

Following Martin Harbech will be beneficial for those interested in the latest tech trends and their impact on society and the environment. His expertise offers a unique glimpse into the future of technology and design.

7. Dr. Joy Buolamwini 

Dr. Joy Buolamwini, is a top AI researcher and advocate based in Boston. As the head of the Algorithmic Justice League, she's dedicated to making technology fair and accountable. Her work, including a best-selling book and a popular TED Talk, focuses on eliminating racial and gender biases in AI.

Dr. Buolamwini's research has gained global recognition, leading to speaking roles at major forums like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. She's known for her creative approach to science communication, blending art and research to highlight AI issues.

When you follow Dr. Buolamwini you’ll be getting insight into the ethical aspects of AI and its societal impact. Her posts offer a unique perspective on creating more equitable technology.

8. Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl, is a tech expert and innovator based in the Washington DC-Baltimore area. As the Co-Founder of Journey, a global design and innovation studio, since December 2021, she's been a driving force in creating advanced customer experiences across various digital realms, including gaming, AR, AI, and the metaverse.

Recognized as a leading authority in emerging technologies, Cathy has been named one of Ad Age’s Leading Women of 2023 and Forbes Latam’s 100 Most Powerful Women of 2023. She's also known as the Godmother of the Metaverse, reflecting her significant impact in the immersive technology sector.

Cathy's posts focus on the latest in spatial computing, AI, and the evolving tech landscape. Her insights are particularly valuable for those interested in the future of technology and its applications in business. Following Cathy is great for anyone looking to stay ahead in the rapidly changing world of tech and innovation.

9. Peter H. Diamandis

Peter H. Diamandis is a prominent innovator and leader based in Santa Monica, California. He's the Founder and Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, known for creating large-scale incentive competitions to solve global challenges. Recognized as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” by Fortune, he has been a key figure in driving forward-thinking initiatives since 1994.

In his LinkedIn posts, Peter focuses on health, nutrition, and artificial intelligence. He often discusses the benefits of a diverse diet and shares insights on longevity and wellness. His interest in AI is clear as he talks about its rapid growth and potential to change various industries.

Following Peter is ideal for those interested in the latest trends in health, nutrition, and AI. His expertise offers a unique perspective on how these fields intersect and evolve, making his content valuable for anyone keen on innovation and future technologies.

10. Kirk Borne, Ph. D.

Kirk Borne, Ph.D., is a data science expert based in Columbia, Maryland. He's the founder of the Data Leadership Group, where he specializes in speaking at events, teaching courses, and providing strategy consulting. His expertise lies in data science and artificial intelligence (AI).

Dr. Borne's posts often delve into the latest trends in AI and data science. He discusses topics like AI's role in business, innovative AI tools for content creation, and how AI technologies can boost business efficiency and profitability.

Following Dr. Borne is great for anyone interested in AI and data science, especially if you're looking to stay updated on the latest industry trends, tools, and applications. His insights can be particularly valuable for professionals looking to leverage AI in their businesses or careers.

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