How Wonsulting Helped Josh Get Hired at Toast!

Ken Burnette

We'd like to give Josh a toast!


Because he landed a great job as a Capital Operations Specialist at Toast!

He's the latest in our series of success stories.

These stories are designed to highlight great career journeys, so you can see where people come from and how they break into their career pathways.

We continue our success story series with Josh Jurgenson, Capital Operations Specialist II at Toast.

#Breadwinners: How We Helped Josh Get Hired at Toast!

Network network network. Grinding on LinkedIn messages makes a crazy difference in the job search and can really blow the top off a slump in job hunting. - Josh Jurgenson

We revised Josh's resume and helped him master his job search and get hired.

💡 Our questions are in italics, followed by his answers 💡

Hi, Josh! Thanks for getting back to us. We’d love to know a bit about your history to share with our audience. What's your hometown? What did you study and what kind of work experience do you have?

I grew up in the eastside suburbs of Seattle (Kenmore). After high school I attended the University of Montana studying finance & playing lacrosse. I then went on to coach lacrosse at the university in my 5th year and a year post grad while also working at a golf club. In late 2018 got a job at a regional community bank in a tourist/ski town in northwest Montana. At the bank I worked in lending (consumer and commercial) for 3 years there and about 2 years in I realized I wanted to work in something more tech/online based and more forward/modern culturally thinking than traditional banking.

Before you signed up for your resume revision with us, how was your job search going? What was it like?

Before I started using Wonsulting or viewing Jonathan's social media posts the job hunt was going pretty slow for about 6 months. I filled out and submitted a ton of online application and received maybe 1-2 responses with zero interviews.

How did that change? Can you tell me any "aha!" moments in your job search? What were some moments when your mindset changed and you saw things differently?

The main aha moment I had was based on one or two Wonsulting social posts about LinkedIn networking and direct messaging hiring managers or people in the same role. once I started grinding on that things started to turn around and I began to get responses/networking calls and interviews. 

How did the resume revision help you to land your job at Toast?

I'm not sure the resume revision itself helped me land the job at Toast, but it was a combination of all the things I learned from the Wonsulting social media tips and the resume revision. I think the networking I did combined with a more dialed in resume and interview tips were what got me the job. 

Are there any other details you'd like our audience to know? Any motivation for people stuck in their job search?

Network network network. Grinding on LinkedIn messages makes a crazy difference in the job search and can really blow the top off a slump in job hunting. Especially in this digital online application age you have to set yourself apart and stick out somehow. Getting an in or a referral is almost the only way to land an interview nowadays from my experience. I would say getting to the interview stage is 60-75% of the battle these days after that it's just executing. 


We'd like to thank Josh for answering our questions and sharing his experience with you all!

He had some great advice about networking and getting hired.

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