How to Use Instagram and TikTok to Promote Your LinkedIn Profile



by Denys Bilozor

LinkedIn is one of the best solutions for personal branding and finding new employees and partners. LinkedIn is also a great platform for professional growth, finding an employer, partner and increasing your client audience. The more visibility your LinkedIn profile gets, the higher your chances of enjoying LinkedIn’s many benefits. One of the steps you can take to generate that desired visibility is to promote your LinkedIn profile on Instagram and TikTok. Keep reading to discover the seven ways to achieve this.

1 - Add your LinkedIn profile URL to your Instagram and TikTok profiles

Since your social media profile is “your face,” you must immediately convey all necessary information to users interested in you. Keep the information concise and accessible. The main thing is to understand exactly who your clients are, for example, by the parameters of the profession and the field of activity of the company. Social media profiles must contain additional links to your other pages and, of course, make the most of your link-in-bio - it’s one of the most productive ways to promote, not only on LinkedIn but also on any other social network. You can use UniLink to shorten your LinkedIn profile link.

2 - Post short and meaningful videos

The users of LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok, are slightly different. For example, the youngest audience, whose interests are highly specific, focus on TikTok. However, this social network is also visited by older people. You already know who your target audience is, so make useful and informative videos for them.

Specialists and companies of similar (or the same) industries will be happy to follow your posts if only to save time. Share interesting and useful information regarding your job profile and do it for free.

For example, you can post videos with subtitles, where you reveal some work secrets, etc. An additional link to LinkedIn on Instagram and TikTok videos can be very helpful, especially if you mention that your LinkedIn page might contain additional useful information.

3 - Use appropriate hashtags

Doing this allows you to go on-trend and drive additional traffic to other social media pages. For example, when you talk about the specifics of job searching, the rules for conducting an interview, complex and non-standard tasks from HR managers, it is better to add the hashtag #jobsearch. Also, include the hashtag #linkedIn to draw additional attention to your LinkedIn account.

4 - Choose the best time to post

Generally, the best times to post on TikTok are between 6 and 10 a.m. and 7 to 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). On the other hand, the best time to post is 11:00 a.m. on Wednesdays, in which you mention your work LinkedIn profile and provide a link to it. But these suggested times are very general. To get the best results, study your target audience to understand when they are active and tweak your posting schedule to fit their behavior.

5 - Give your audience an accurate call-to-action that helps increase LinkedIn interest

Your Instagram and TikTok followers should be able to follow your LinkedIn profile at any time. So, when you create a video for TikTok or Instagram, add a text box that says, “Follow me on LinkedIn,” and include your profile link.

6 - Organize contests

Another way to promote your LinkedIn account is to organize contests. For example, you can host a competition with mouthwatering prizes on Instagram and include “connect with me on LinkedIn” as one of your conditions for getting eligible to compete. This way, you attract followers who are already interested in your content to your LinkedIn profile. Also, you can vary the rules of the competition; e.g., competitors can tag several friends and send them an invitation to connect to your LinkedIn. Doing this expands your reach to a new audience.

7 - Maximize engagement

If you want to drive substantial traffic to your LinkedIn profile, It’s not enough to post on TikTok and Instagram; you need to have a thriving engagement too. Here are pointers for achieving this:

  • Post content with valuable tips that can serve your followers.
  • Maintain constant communication with the audience - don’t be a dormant content creator. Share your opinions apologetically, ask interesting and relevant questions, and respond to comments thoughtfully.
  • Encourage your Instagram and TikTok audience to follow you on LinkedIn, and don’t forget to say “thank you,” when they do so. This goes a long way in sustaining your audience’s engagement and loyalty.
  • Be humane and empathetic. Try to know who your target audience is and what they do. Congratulate them on their professional anniversaries and other holidays. This is a great way to show that you also think about them as actual humans and not just for selling your brand. Treat your followers with warmth and attention.


We talked about free ways to promote LinkedIn profiles on Instagram and TikTok social media. Of course, there are other ways as well: buying targeted ads, partnering with influencers, etc. But for the initial stage, you can apply the strategies listed in this post. By doing everything right, you can find new clients, employers, and partners and significantly increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile.

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In his role, Denys manages the creation of the platform of technological solutions to turn social media feed into a clickable, shoppable landing page as well as to turn visitors of Instagram and TikTok pages into all sorts of leads (buyers or subscribers).

At UniLink, Denys coordinates the development of a scalable unique technology that implements all the necessary services for sales through social media.

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