How This Single Mom Switched Industries Using ResumAI

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Stefanie Kreisman
Since switching to project management, my income has tripled and my mental health is so much better. 

That’s a quote from Mariah. She’s a single mom from Colorado who made a bold move by transitioning from teaching to project management.

But when she lost her job due to unexpected layoffs, Mariah struggled to secure a new position despite excelling in interviews. 

That's where ResumAI came in, and Mariah shares how it helped her land important interviews and how it ultimately led to a new opportunity. 

So how can ResumAI help you land interviews? 🤔

We asked our audience if they needed some free ResumAI tokens to bounce back from these recent layoffs, and Mariah was one of the first people to respond.

She tells her story below and shares how ResumAI helped her land some important interviews.

Let’s get right into her story! 😄

Meet Mariah,

a devoted single mom to her teen daughter, residing in Colorado. Facing a challenging chapter in her life, Mariah made a bold move in May 2022 by transitioning from her career as a science teacher to the world of project management. With her health on the line after undergoing three major surgeries due to stress-induced mental health issues, she knew it was time for a change.

Mariah's life transformed for the better since her career switch which she was inspired to pursue from Wonsulting’s TikToks. She tripled her income, dramatically improved her mental health, and made exciting new purchases, like her first home and a sleek Model 3 Tesla. With more time for her daughter, she was able to be present in extracurricular activities such as club volleyball and Girl Scouts. She even whisked her away on special vacations. Together, they enjoyed home-cooked meals and cherished their weekends.

But life took an unexpected turn in mid-October 2022 when Mariah lost her remote project management job. Promised a permanent contract that never materialized, she found herself searching for a new full-time role. She submitted a whopping 348 applications across LinkedIn and Indeed, but despite excelling in interviews, she struggled to secure a position.

In her quest for the perfect project management role, Mariah enlisted the help of ResumAI. Although she had previously used Optimized Career Solutions, she found her ResumAI-crafted resume resulted in more interviews. Between October 14 and November 16, she attended an impressive 23 interviews but had yet to find her ideal full-time position. Since losing her job, Mariah has tightened her budget, making tough decisions like cutting back on groceries and halting contributions to her savings and retirement accounts.

The tides turned for Mariah in March 2023 when she received an exciting opportunity from her former employer. They recognized her value and offered her a full-time position on a new project! 

Mariah encourages those on similar career paths to have backup plans and to lean on supportive friends who can lift their spirits and offer advice during challenging times. Besides ResumAI, Mariah turned to Wonsulting for interview tips, LinkedIn optimization, email templates, pay negotiation strategies, and job advice discovered on TikTok.

With her unwavering resilience and the support of tools like ResumAI, Mariah persevered through tough times and ultimately achieved her goal. This new chapter in her career serves as a testament to her determination and reinforces the power of never giving up. Mariah's journey continues to inspire others, reminding them to stay positive, persistent, and resourceful in their own career pursuits.


As Mariah's story shows, it's important to have backup plans and utilize tools like ResumAI to help you stand out in a crowded job market. 

Whether you're transitioning to a new career or looking to advance in your current one, ResumAI can help you craft a standout resume that lands you interviews. 

So don't give up on your career pursuits, and remember to stay positive, persistent, and resourceful. With the right mindset and tools, you can achieve your goals just like Mariah did.

Stefanie Kreisman
Junior Copywriter

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