How This Dad Went From Fed Up to Working at the Federal Reserve

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Ken Burnette

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We continue our new success story series with Joseph Forline, proud father and Sr. Organizational Development and Learning Specialist | Change Manager at the Federal Reserve Board.

This success story ends with a surprise that you might not expect, so be sure to read to the end.

So here it is: the story of how Joseph Forline found this awesome job and managed to comfortably support his new family.

From Fed Up to Federal Reserve: How Joseph Forline Found His Dream Job

I found that all of Wonsulting's services offered unique insight into the job search process, and that they gave me everything I needed to help myself stand out as a candidate.
- Joseph Forline

We asked Joseph to tell us about his experience with our services, and this is what he had to say:

I first came across the Wonsulting team in 2020 when thousands of people flooded LinkedIn looking for help finding new jobs. I've always had a passion for helping individuals find jobs they love, and Wonsulting's mission of helping underdogs become winners in the job search process was a perfect value alignment. I became a part time service provider helping experienced professionals prepare for job interviews. 2020 was also the year I became a father.
Fast forward to 2022, and everything changed. We had recently moved across the U.S. in search of a new home and I found myself looking for a job to meet the new needs of my family.
I was able to utilize Wonsulting's job search strategies, resume revision, and interview prep services to land a truly incredible opportunity.
I found that all of Wonsulting's services offered unique insight into the job search process, and that they gave me everything I needed to help myself stand out as a candidate.
On top of having amazing service offerings, the best part of Wonsulting is their commitment to helping people and I'm so lucky to have found this group. They've helped me land a role allowing me to be more present at home, and have created an environment for me to work as a part time service provider that gives me the flexibility to serve clients at times when I'm able to.

So not only did Joe end up working with us here at Wonsulting, he also used our services and strategies to land a better job! 

And that's not it. We asked him for his greatest dad joke to celebrate Father's Day, and he came up with this heartwarming response.

I always joke that my little guy will be a Wonsulting service provider some day.
I'd be truly proud if that came true. Thanks, Wonsulting team, for helping me find an opportunity that has allowed me to be fully present as a husband and father in this new stage.

We couldn't agree more! 

Have him send over his resume and we'll see if we can work something out.

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We loved sharing Joseph's story with you, and if you want to see more success stories, stay tuned!

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