Everything You Need to Know About the Wonsulting Course

Ken Burnette

We did it! 🥳

We broke down the entire job search process into a step-by-step guide, and it’s outlined completely in our new course.

This blog post tells you everything you need to know about our online course, so you can see if it’s a perfect fit for you.

But first:

Why would you need our course?

If you love your job and can’t wait to go to work every morning, then this course is not for you.

You’ve already made it, and you should congratulate yourself for getting there!

However, if you’re not satisfied with your job and you want to feel like you’re making progress in your career, then this course is for you.

This course is for  people who:

✔ want to find their dream job, but need a plan

✔ are tired of applying for jobs and never hearing back

✔ are getting interviews, but keep getting rejected

✔ are ready to get their first job

✔ are ready to move into management

✔ just want a step-by-step guide to landing their dream job

This course is for everyone who wants to land a job that makes them smile.

And no matter where you are in life, there's a course that meets your needs.

🌐 A course for every jobseeker

Our course has four tiers, one for every type of jobseeker.

The Student Course 

This tier is for people with 0 years full time work experience. It’s perfect for college students, recent grads, or even someone who wants to start from square one and build their career from the ground up, totally fresh.

The Early Career Course

This tier is for people with 1-7 years full time work experience. It’s for people who are looking to level up within their field, or find ways of applying their work experience in other fields.  

The Professional Course

This is for jobseekers with over 7 years of full time work experience. You’re established in your field and you want to get top level promotions. This course teaches you how to get there.

The International Course

This is a special course for international jobseekers. It addresses your unique struggles when looking for a job, and helps you to break into your dream role with international job search guidance.

Now that you know the tiers, see what you'll learn in your course.

💡 Get step-by-step guidance

Our course gives you step-by-step instructions for finding your dream job. 

Let’s go through our Early Career Course outline to show you how.

The modern job search comes in seven steps, and each course covers these fundamentals:

  1. Identify your dream role
  2. Create your job search strategy
  3. Optimize your LinkedIn
  4. Land interviews through networking
  5. Build a digital presence for opportunities
  6. Crush your interviews
  7. Negotiate your compensation

Each chapter takes you through a different part of your job search process.

Let’s break down each chapter from our Early Career Course to show you how it works.

🔍 Identifying Your Dream Role

This section explores what you need to do to identify and find your dream job, and how to apply to your dream job in the most effective and efficient way.

✍️ Creating Your Job Search Strategy

This section shows you how to make an effective resume that gets the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. It also shows how your resume and cover letter can land you interviews. It even helps you understand what to do if you don’t have enough relevant experience.

🌐 Optimizing Your Linkedin

This is where you learn how to translate your skills and experience into an effective LinkedIn profile that gets attention and gets you job opportunities. 

🤝 Landing Interviews Through Networking

This is one of the most important chapters. It’s where most job seekers go wrong. Here, we teach you that applying to tons of roles and waiting for responses is not the best strategy. This chapter talks about proactive recruiting. This is where you learn to take recruiting into your own hands, get in touch with recruiters and hiring managers, get coffee chats, get connected, and get referrals for your dream job.

🧱 Building A Digital Presence For Opportunities

This is all about reactive recruiting. It teaches you how to make opportunities come to you. Learn how to structure your content, formulate your posts, and strategically engage with the LinkedIn community in a way that makes opportunities come to you. 

💪 Crushing Your Interviews

Predict interview questions, structure your answers, and prepare to ace your interviews in this chapter on the job search. We go over project proposal questions, situational questions, experience questions, and more.

💰 Negotiating Your Compensation

We saved the best for last. This chapter explains exactly how you can negotiate the best offer for you. Learn how to structure your negotiations and understand what you can and can’t negotiate.

Our course guides you through every step of your job search journey.

And our instructions have helped thousands of our clients find better jobs and earn higher wages. 

Watch this clip to see what we mean.

It’s straight out of the course, and it shows you our step-by-step process for networking with people to get hired.

(Protip: Change the video speed to fit your preference ⏩)

Now that you know how the course is structured, let’s explore how it’s already helping others.

💸 Earn more money

Our students got better paying jobs.

For example, these students increased their total yearly compensation from:

  • $105k to $160k at Meta
  • $40k to $85k at KPMG
  • $60k to $110k at Silicon Valley Bank
  • $65k to 80k at Roche

🚀 Get a better job

Our students landed great roles at great companies.

Here’s where they got hired:

  • Program Manager @ Google
  • Associate Product Manager @ United Airlines
  • Data Privacy Analyst @ Farmers Insurance
  • Knowledge Analyst @ McKinsey & Company 
  • Accounting Technician @ MNP LLP

Now, you might be thinking two things: 

1, this course sounds pretty cool, and 2, what’s MNP LLP? 

1, you’re right, and 2, it’s a Canadian accounting firm–but that’s not the point.

The point is, how can you be sure the course is a good fit for you before diving in?

Well, we made it super easy. 

We took out all the risk.

😎 Buy with confidence

We make buying a no-brainer.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee ↩️

If you don’t like your course for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full refund. 

Payment Plans 💰

Divide your payments into four quarters, so our $359 early career course turns into four spaced out payments of $89.75.



Now that’s a lot of information.

So here’s the TLDR:

This course can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

And here’s the part where we tell you to act now because supplies are limited or something like that.

But they’re not. It’s an online course. It’ll outlive us all.

So we’ll leave you with this:

Every day you spend pushing your dream job off into the future is another day of wasted potential. 

Seize the day. 

Seize your future. 

Take your career into your own hands.


Ken Burnette
Senior Copywriter & Voice of Wonsulting

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