Creating Your Own Success from a Non-Target School


There are over 2,500  four-year universities in the United States alone. We are privileged and blessed to go to one of these universities as well as have the opportunities to network with many professionals, colleagues, and professors.

It is true that certain universities have an advantage in providing a steady pipeline of students toward tech, accounting, and consulting positions within large, Fortune 500 organizations. Some students use it to their advantage while others do not. Some schools do not have many connections, as most networking must be done by reaching out, creating an external network, or attending other university events.


According to various recruiters and professionals, my school is a “non-target” school. Through research of students reporting for my school in 2016, only a handful of business students received offers from top companies in the business field. It honestly made me sad and disappointed; I wanted my school to be the best with the best opportunities, not only for myself but also for my fellow colleagues.

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I have been humbled to help hundreds of students and individuals through different projects, initiatives, and workshops, especially with their Resumes and LinkedIn accounts. I am thankful for wonderful organizations on campus such as the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA) and a support system that motivated my efforts. We must be thankful for success. But success is not measured by your first job, by other people’s opinions, or simply by how people praise you; it is measured by what you aspire success to be, whether it is being wealthy or being passionate and happy about your work.

I was fortunate to receive multiple offers from top companies and would love to share some advice, especially for those students who are at non-target schools or do not know where to start. My success is a product of everyone else’s success, as success does come from struggle but also from a great support system.

Here is my advice from me to you on how to obtain your own success:

  1. Do well in school
  2. Network with Professionals and Other Students
  3. Join Organizations
  4. Stop Being Lazy and Playing the Victim Card
  5. Apply Now, Not Later
  6. Get a Mentor and a Champion:
  7. Be Selfless, Not Selfish
  8. You Are Who You Associate With
  9. Stop Talking and Start Doing
  10. Be Yourself

Remember to always have a positive mindset! Sometimes, things are not meant to be. You may have setbacks and failures may occur, but instead of remembering the failures, create successes. That is what we all want to be in the future: successful. I hope we all do.


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