60+ Best Online Resources Every Job Seeker Needs to Know

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Where can you discover how to write a resume that gets you interview invites, craft a compelling cover letter, and ace your interview? The internet, of course! There is a goldmine of helpful information online for any professional seeking to land their dream job or change careers.

However, if not careful, you can get ambushed by that avalanche of valuable content and never take action.

This is why we compiled 60 of the very best online resources every job seeker and entry-level professional can use. These include blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, books, courses, checklists, toolkits, and more.

Let’s get into it!


Cultivated Culture

Austin Belcak writes in-depth articles teaching people how to land their desired jobs without connections, traditional experience, and applying online.

The Muse

This blog hosts a library of practical articles on landing a job, navigating different career paths, and excelling in one’s present job. Search its article categories to find posts about specific aspects of career advice like job search, career paths, succeeding at work, and diversity and inclusion.

Career Sherpa

Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know about staying ahead of the job search curve, from how to write eye-catching resumes to how to pass interview rounds.

Undercover Recruiter

The goal of the Undercover Recruiter blog is simple: inspire and inform anyone with interest in the workplace. So if you’re interested in getting a job and staying abreast of employment trends, this is the blog for you.

Ms. Career Girl

Find brilliant articles on how to build a thriving career as a young, ambitious woman.


Since its launch 15 years ago, LiveCareer’s resources have helped millions of job seekers unravel their right career paths, produce compelling resumes, build better cover letters, and establish a career trajectory they love.

Career Sidekick

Written by Biron Clark, a recruiter with a wealth of experience, this blog covers how to increase your confidence while job searching, advice on salary negotiation, and general tips on how to increase your income.


A certified professional career coach, Amanda Augustine, dives into how job seekers can find the job they love faster - from resume writing to personal branding tips.

Career Trend

Master all the professional resume tips you need to know in order to get invited to an interview.

The Ladders

This high-volume blog posts several times a week on job search, resume writing, interview prep, future of work, office life, and much more.

Personal Branding Blog

A collection of articles on how to build a personal brand that will differentiate you and allow you to compete in the labor market and workplace.


Visit the JobSeer blog to learn how to level up your job search strategy and secure the job you love.

How I Got My Job

Read interesting curated stories on how different people landed their different career paths and the lessons learned during that journey. Some popular posts include: How Gibson Biddle got the job as VP Product at Netflix.

Balance Careers

No matter your professional level or career goals, this blog solves your problems as it shares practical advice on how you can take your career to the next level.

Wonsulting Blog

Check out our blog for job search how-tos, guides, and best practices for both students and early career professionals. Transform from an underdog into a winner.

Podcasts & YouTube Channels

Get a Job in Tech

This podcast covers how to secure a tech job, interview stories, and advice on excelling in the tech industry.

Copeland Coaching Podcast

Each week, hosts of this podcast dive into interview, negotiation, personal branding, and job application tips. If you want to jump-start your job search, this is the podcast for you.

48 Days

This weekly podcast by Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, covers real questions that will empower you to do meaningful work.

The Voice of Job Seekers

Hosted by Mark Anthony Dyson, a Career Consultant, The Voice of Job Seekers helps “underemployed, and underappreciated job seekers remain informed, educated, and empowered during their job search.”

College Central

We recommend this podcast for college students and entry-level job seekers. Its episodes touch a variety of job search and professional development advice, such as strategies to maximize career fairs and how to secure internships.

Mastering College to Career

From interviewing CEOs to senior HR officers, deans, and even college students, this podcast explores how college students can network, pass interviews, write excellent resumes, and manage student loans. Master how to live a worry-free postgraduate life.

Graduate Job Podcast

Host James Curran leads discussions with inspiring authors, coaches, and recruiters who share their domain knowledge on topics such as landing a graduate job, writing great online applications, and interview prep.

Linda Raynier

This channel includes interesting career insights, from resume writing to interview and confidence-building strategies.

Andrew LaCivita

Award-winning career and leadership coach, Andrew LaCivita, shares hacks that empower his 140,000+ subscribers to secure new jobs and build a career they love.

Madeline Mann

An HR recruiter herself, Madeline shares proven career tips. This is the right channel for you if you want to make fewer mistakes when applying for jobs.

Marat Chavtarayev

Marat’s channel teaches you how to develop solid-rock confidence as a job candidate and working professional, pass job interviews, and leverage your strengths. His videos “inspire and give specific answers to specific questions.”  

David Ross

Are you a college student or young professional hoping for a career breakthrough? You should subscribe to this channel right away. David Ross’ YouTube channel helps thousands of young professionals build competitive resumes, format essays properly, and cite sources.

Work It Daily

This is the YouTube channel of https://www.workitdaily.com/, an online growth hub. It covers a variety of topics, from career change to LinkedIn and networking advice.

Lauren McGoodwin

A woman seeking to advance your career or make an industry pivot? Look no further. Lauren’s YouTube channel features interviews with reputable female leaders and actionable tips that can help you create your dream career.


Check out our channel packed with weekly videos sharing no B.S. career tips and advice to help you kickstart your desired career path.


Resume Magic by Susan Britton Whitcomb

Resume writing is a craft yet to be mastered by many professionals. If you fall in that category, this 600-page book by Susan Britton Whitcomb will enlighten you on how you can refine your resume into an eye-catching piece of treasure.

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers by Peggy McKee

Sectionalized into four series, this book is an eye-opener on what a typical interviewer wants from an interviewee, interview techniques, and questions you can ask your interviewer.

Never Eat Alone: and Other Secrets to Success by Keith Ferrazzi

Keith explains how to seamlessly build valuable connections, citing the efficient networking methods used by Bill Clinton and Dai Lama. Even if you are an introvert, there is a networking lesson to note from this book.

The Job Closer by Steve Dalton

In this book, Steve Dalton simplifies how to land your dream job, from writing a genius resume and cover letter to nailing any interview and negotiating your offer.

The Reverse Job Search Method by James H. Whittaker

Written with seasoned professionals in mind, this book deep dives into how to land a more fulfilling job. The core 4-step process revealed in this book has guided more than 2,000 of James Whittaker’s clients towards careers full of passion, meaning, and higher earning potential.

Get Hired Now! by Ian Siegel

ZipRecruiter founder and CEO, Ian Siegel, tells you how to land a job faster than you imagine. Relying on accurate data, Ian provides a step-by-step guide on writing a resume that gets you positive responses, finding the right jobs to apply to, acing job interviews, and negotiating a job offer.

The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success, by Nicholas Lore

If you want to figure out what career to choose, this is a one-stop book for you. It relies on personal career assessments that can unravel your perfect career fit.

The 20-Minute Networking Meeting: How Little Meetings Can Lead to Your Next Big Job, by Marcia Ballinger and Nathan A. Perez

Networking can save you from the stress of blind job applications. Marcia and Nathan share all the tricks needed to survive the awkwardness of interactions and become a successful networker.

What Color is Your Parachute? 2019 by Richard Bolles

Commonly referred to as the bible of career advice, this book explains useful strategies that can help you walk through the gamut of job search.

The Cheat Code to Completing Online Courses Successfully (And For Free) by Jeremiah Ajayi.

To stay ahead of competition, you need to constantly upskill and reskill. Taking online courses (MOOCs) is one way to achieve that. This ebook highlights tried-and-true for completing online courses, taking them for free, and using them to increase your professional value. It also contains a directory of 1000+ courses.

Tools and checklists

Resume Builder

This resume builder created by Austin Belcak contains customizable and ATS friendly resume templates that can help you land the job that you deserve.

Email templates

These detailed templates by The Muse include fill-in-the-blank emails for different aspects of the job search process, from a coffee chat request to sending a memorable thank you note.

Resume Template

An editable resume template that has helped thousands of our clients land jobs at companies like Google, Snapchat, Lucid, and more.

Cover letter template

You don’t have to groan at the mention of a cover letter requirement anymore. Download our step-by-step template to write a perfect cover letter.

Reach out template

Reaching out to professionals on LinkedIn can be nerve-racking, but it doesn’t have to be. Access our customizable template providing message ideas for almost any occasion.

Network tracker

Networking can get messy. Become organized and nail your networking game with our excel sheet. All you need to do is make a copy!

Interview prep template

Interviews can be challenging, especially if you do not prepare adequately. You can kiss unpreparation goodbye when you download this interview prep that has helped thousands of our clients pass their interview rounds and begin their dream careers.

LinkedIn job search checklist

Unsure about how to look for jobs on LinkedIn? This checklist highlights how to attract employers, grow your professional skills, and connect to new job opportunities through a great LinkedIn profile.

Job search checklist

This checklist will serve as a great refresher if you’ve been away from the job search game. Discover all you need to know about job search must-dos.


The Undercover Recruiter

Join this LinkedIn group to learn fun and exciting job search tips.

AT&T College Connection

This is a company fan Facebook page dedicated to college students and professionals applying for internships with AT&T. The community manager responds to questions and provides great career resources.

Career Rocketeer—Job Search & Career Network

Have you been unemployed for a while? This is the perfect community for you. Members of this LinkedIn group exchange coping mechanisms for dealing with long-term unemployment. You also get to learn in-demand skills and personal branding tips.

Connect: Professional Women’s Network, Powered by Citi

When you join this LinkedIn community of 240,000 members, you’ll get to discuss self-promotion strategies, the best career advice you’ve ever received, and much more.

Max Up Community

When you join this Slack community of college students and early career professionals, you get access to job opportunities, peer feedback, and free resume review.

A Job Needed—A Job Posted

Home to over 50,000 members, you should join this group if you’re searching for job opportunities or interested in posting employment vacancies.

Ladies Get Paid

This paid community helps its members conquer their career problems by partnering with coaches on workshops, webinars, video content, and a podcast.

Ideas for Job Search, Career, and Life

Do you prefer a group with a balanced viewpoint? This group might be the perfect one to join. It has both job seekers and seasoned professionals. Whether you need advice to navigate your job search or hacks on how to advance your career, you’ll find most of your answers on this group.


The Complete Resume & LinkedIn Course!

In 12 hours, this course will teach you how to get your dream job, craft a compelling resume, interview better than any other candidate, build an impressive LinkedIn profile, and do authentic networking.

Win Any Job Interview - Top Strategies For Job Interviews

Learn what to do right before an interview, how to develop a positive mindset, ways to make a great first impression, strategies for salary negotiation, and tips for handling virtual interviews.

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

This course by the University of Michigan teaches you the four steps to a successful negotiation alongside real-life case studies. Upon completion, you’d have mastered how to create an efficient negotiation strategy.

Formula to Success

Cost: $399 (with 30-day money-back guarantee)

What you’ll learn:

  • Resume tips to help you beat the ATS
  • LinkedIn Strategies that helped Jonathan Javier and Jerry Lee land jobs at Snap, Google, Cisco, and Lucid
  • Proven formulas to stand out before, during, and after interviews
  • Negotiation strategies to help increase your total compensation
  • Templates to make genuine connections with recruiters and hiring managers
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