10 Jobs AI Will Never Take Away

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Ken Burnette

We know it’s not a great time to be looking for a job.

AI is everywhere and GPT-5 is just around the corner.

So before GPT-6 (aka Skynet) falls from the heavens and takes every job with an Internet connection, get yourself established in a job that AI will never take away.

But before you apply to be a ditch digger at the closest construction site, read our list of jobs that AI will never take away. And by never of course we mean “not in the foreseeable future.” 😅

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Surgeons and Physicians: Why We Still Need Human Doctors

While AI chatbots might help people pass their exams, we sure hope doctors are actually studying these days.

Human doctors are still superior for these reasons:

1Making Choices: Solving Health Puzzles 🧠

Physicians use their thinking skills to handle different health problems. They can make decisions based on each patient's needs, something that AI can't always do.

Caring: Connecting with Patients 💓

Doctors are good at showing care and building trust with patients. This helps patients feel better and heal faster, and AI can't replace this human touch.

Ethics: Making the Right Choices ⚖️

Human doctors learn about medical ethics, which is hard for AI to understand. By following these ethical rules, physicians are able to make the best choices for their patients' health and safety.

Psychiatrists and Therapists: Why Human Touch Matters

The world is increasingly complex and stressful, and most people don’t want to pay for therapy sessions with a chatbot. 

Here’s why human therapists still play a vital role in helping people:

Understanding Emotions: The Heart of Therapy 💡

Therapists need to feel and connect with their patients' emotions. They can do this in ways that AI can't, making them better at understanding and supporting people in need.

Building Connections: Friendships That Heal 🤝

Creating strong personal connections with clients is a must for successful therapy. These relationships help patients open up and grow, which is something AI struggles to achieve.

Adapting: Customized Support for Every Client 🌟

Therapists know that each person is unique, so they change their approach to fit every client's needs. This flexibility is essential for helping people overcome their challenges and improve their lives.

Electrician: Why Humans Still Rule the Circuit

The technical knowledge and physical dexterity required for electrical work make it difficult for AI to replace humans here. Top electricians can easily make over $100,000 a year in the USA.

Added bonus: Your future robot overlords are really going to find your electrical skills useful.

Here's why when it comes to electrical work, human electricians remain crucial:

Skilled Hands: Nimble Fingers Make the Difference 🔧

Electricians need precise motor skills to manage delicate wiring and tiny parts. This dexterity is something AI struggles to achieve, making human electricians indispensable.

Creative Solutions: Tackling Electrical Puzzles 🧩

Unforeseen electrical issues call for human ingenuity and know-how. Electricians draw on their experience to solve complex problems that AI just can't crack.

Safety First: Protecting Lives and Properties ⚠️

In emergencies or when safety is at risk, human electricians are more equipped to manage risks and ensure everyone's well-being. They are able to assess situations and quickly react, something that AI might not be prepared for.

Lawyers and Judges: Legal Wizards with Sharp Minds, Empathy, and Ethics

Judge Dredd hasn’t been sworn in—yet. So before he assumes office, there’s still a place for human lawyers and judges. But with GPT-4 passing the bar exam, the future is definitely uncertain here.

Here’s why AI simply can't compete with these versatile professionals - at least for now:

Legal Masterminds: Tackling Complexities with Ease 📚

Lawyers possess the critical thinking and adaptability needed to analyze and interpret complex legal principles, applying them to ever-changing situations. AI doesn't stand a chance against such human expertise.

Emotionally Attuned: Navigating Personal Factors 💞

Lawyers excel at empathizing with clients, witnesses, and judges, skillfully navigating the emotional landscape of legal cases. Their ability to build relationships is a human quality that AI can't emulate.

Champions of Ethics: Upholding the Highest Standards 🏆

With strict ethical standards to follow, lawyers maintain client confidentiality and loyalty. Their judgment, discretion, and ethical sensibilities are qualities that are tough, if not impossible, to replicate in AI.

Police Officers & Detectives: Why Law Enforcement Needs a Human Touch 

Chatbots can’t ride around solving crimes and helping out the community. Unless we somehow figured out how to make Chappie real.

Here’s why police officers still call for human intuition and connection:

Versatility: The Swiss Army Knife of Skill Sets 🛠️

Police work demands adapting to various situations and applying a wide range of skills. AI can't quite match the flexibility and resourcefulness of human officers when it comes to diverse challenges.

Ethical Compass: Making the Right Calls ⚖️

Officers must make complex ethical decisions that AI simply can't grasp. Human judgment remains crucial in navigating the gray areas and ensuring fairness and justice.

Building Bridges: Strengthening Community Bonds 🤝

Effective policing involves fostering trust and engaging with the community. Human officers have the ability to connect and empathize with people, creating relationships that AI can't replicate.

Teachers and Professors: Why the Human Touch Matters in Education

The government can be slow to change. And that’s a good thing for teachers and professors who don’t want to be replaced by a super-genius Chatbot.

Here’s why teachers thrive on the presence of human connection and ingenuity:

Heart-to-Heart: Building Personal Connections 💖

Teachers excel at motivating and encouraging students through genuine connections. Their personal touch can't be replicated by AI, as it plays a crucial role in shaping young minds and fostering a love for learning.

Adapt and Thrive: Tailoring Teaching Styles 📚

Every student is unique, and teachers have the ability to adjust their teaching style to accommodate individual needs. AI may be able to process data, but it can't match the empathetic and versatile approach of a human educator.

Think Outside the Box: Creative Lesson Planning 🎨

Effective education requires engaging and innovative lesson plans. Teachers possess the creativity and imagination needed to design captivating learning experiences, setting them apart from AI-based education solutions.

Chefs: The Art and Soul of Culinary Creations

Self-checkout kiosks might be replacing fast food workers, but good luck convincing a restaurant to replace their head chef with a million dollar megazord robo-chef. 

Here's why chefs remain indispensable even in the age of AI:

A Taste of Innovation: Creative Kitchen Wizards 🌟

Chefs are always experimenting and crafting new dishes, pushing the boundaries of flavor and technique. Their creative prowess is essential in the world of food, setting them apart from any AI alternative.

Sensory Delight: Taste Buds and Aromas Matter 👅👃

A chef's success relies heavily on human senses like taste and smell. These sensory experiences allow them to expertly season, adjust, and perfect their culinary creations – something AI simply can't do.

Edible Art: Masterful Presentation Skills 🎨🍽️

Chefs don't just cook – they present their dishes with an artistic flair that captivates the eyes and the palate, making them worthy of an IG pic. This level of artistry can't be replicated by AI, as it takes human touch and emotion to elevate a meal from ordinary to extraordinary.

Landscape Architect: Crafting Nature's Masterpieces

AI may be able to create artwork, but asking robots to design real landscapes isn’t something we’re quite ready for.

Merging nature and design, landscape architects are essential in creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. 

Here's why they can't be replaced by AI:

Beauty in Design: The Human Aesthetic Touch 🖌️

Landscape architects rely on their creative instincts and personal touch to produce visually appealing designs. This aesthetic sense is uniquely human and can't be replicated by AI.

Nature's Puzzle: Tackling Unique Challenges 🧩

Every project presents landscape architects with distinct challenges and environmental constraints. Their problem-solving skills and expertise are vital for crafting sustainable and practical solutions.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Collaboration is Key 🤝

Collaborating with clients and other professionals is essential for successful landscape architecture projects. This human interaction ensures tailored designs that meet specific needs and goals, which AI alone can't achieve.

Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists: Healing Hands and Hearts

Sitting at a desk is not good for your neck, and I for one would not want a robot kneading out my knots.

Physical therapists play an essential role in helping patients recover from injuries and improve their quality of life. 

Here's why AI can't replace these caring professionals:

Healing with Empathy: Trust and Understanding 🤗

A strong bond between physical therapists and patients is crucial for successful therapy. By understanding their patients' feelings and needs, physical therapists create an environment of trust and support that AI can't replicate.

Custom Care: Tailoring Treatment Plans ⚕️

Every patient is unique, requiring individualized treatment plans to address their specific needs. Physical therapists use their knowledge and adaptability to create effective recovery strategies, something AI alone can't achieve.

Touch of Care: Hands-On Healing Techniques 🙌

Physical therapists provide manual therapy techniques that rely on human touch and skill. These hands-on treatments can't be replicated by AI and are essential for patient recovery and well-being.

Funeral Director: Comfort, Care, and Consideration

When it comes to mourning your loved ones, you expect a personal touch.

Funeral directors play an invaluable role in helping families navigate the loss of their loved ones. 

Here's why AI can't take their place:

Heartfelt Compassion: Supporting Grieving Families 💔

Funeral directors provide comfort and support to families during difficult times. Their genuine empathy and understanding are qualities that AI simply cannot replicate.

Respect for Diversity: Cultural Sensitivity 🌏

Funeral directors must be familiar with various cultural and religious practices when planning funerals. Their ability to understand and respect these diverse traditions sets them apart from AI.

Meticulous Planning: Handling Funeral Arrangements ⚰️

Funeral directors possess the experience and attention to detail needed to ensure every aspect of the event is handled with care and consideration – a skill that AI can't replace.

Plumber: Skilled Hands, Sharp Minds, and Stellar Service

Stop thinking about toilets and butt cracks. Plumbers do way more than fix toilets. And the top 10% of plumbers make $100,000 a year. 

The problem-solving skills and physical dexterity required for plumbing work make it difficult for AI to replace humans

Here's why these professionals are irreplaceable:

Nimble Fingers: Mastering Tools and Components 🛠️

Plumbers possess the fine motor skills necessary to work with intricate tools and small parts. This unique quality is something that AI simply cannot match.

Troubleshooting Pros: Tackling Diverse Plumbing Issues 🚰

Plumbers excel at diagnosing and fixing a wide variety of unpredictable plumbing problems. Their human ingenuity and experience set them apart from AI solutions.

Personal Touch: Delivering Top-Notch Customer Service 🤝

Human plumbers go above and beyond to provide personalized service and clear communication to their clients. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is something AI can't replicate.

But those aren’t all the AI proof jobs out there. So let us know in our socials what you think! Did we miss any great jobs? Is your job at risk of being automated?

Let us know!

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Happy job searching!

Ken Burnette
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