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"With The20, you will learn how to network like a #boss. But just as talking to people is important, so is documenting! One document that I found most helpful — besides keeping a spreadsheet of the people I’d been in touch with, as Wonsulting suggests — was one where I wrote self-evaluations of my performance in job interviews. Immediately after an interview, I wrote down what I thought I did well, what I could work on, and the chances I thought I had of moving forward in the process! Each time I did this, and as I learned the result of each interview, I was better able to improve how I communicated my story to recruiters and hiring managers alike. Remember, potential The20 participant, the job search takes time. But you can do it!!!"

Eliane Mitchell
Research Analyst, YouGov

“My two most favorite things about the cohort: the support system and the learning. Going into the cohort I got paired with an amazing mentor who helped me come to a realization of what trajectory I wanted to go on. The Wonsulting team & mentors were also people I could lean on when it came to interview prep, hard questions and advice. I also learned a lot about the recruitment cycle, interviewing and many other important topics. As a first-generation student with no internship experience, The20 helped me gain the confidence and knowledge to step into a full-time role.” 

Malcolm Harlan
Market Specialist, Facebook

“There is a multitude of aspects enjoyed being a part of The20, but to sum it up, I would say my top 3 things are: gaining confidence in my career journey, learning & growing in my professional development (resume building, interview prep skills, case/mock interview skills), and thirdly, creating new friendships all over the US. Joining a cohort completely remote, and being part of a community completely remote can be tricky, but with the pandemic affecting so many of us in 2020 and our lifestyles moving forward, I am so glad that I found my community in Wonsulting, especially in The20. Through this cohort experience, I was able to branch out and meet individuals all across the US and globally too and hear their stories as well as share my own. It was extremely helpful to have a mentor throughout The20 who shared strategies in the roles/industries that I strive to be in, and also really encouraging to have a handful of accountability partners during the gruesome job searching, application, and interview processes. I never felt like I was alone once I joined The20, because I knew I had someone to reach out to within my network or within The20 that would guide me or point me in the right direction.”

Hannah Kim
Consultant, Clarkston Consulting

"Patience is the key to a successful job search. I wouldn't have been able to end up with where I am now if I didn't stick to the strategy that was laid out to me in The20. Everyone will make progress at their own pace which is the beauty of having a community within The20 and seeing your peers start to land their offers alongside you."

Justyn Tenandar
Consulting Analyst, Deloitte

“While I enjoyed being able to help and support my mentee, I really enjoyed the spontaneous conversations with other mentees, especially those seeking jobs in consulting and project management. Paying it forward has always been rewarding for me, but seeing the mentees actually land jobs in the areas they want--which happens to be in the same area I work--is most rewarding. That really shows that what I was able to successfully share what I leveraged to break into my work today”

Brandon Schwartz
Mentor The20, Senior Consultant, Capco

“What I enjoy most about The20 is getting the opportunity to build a solid foundation with my mentee that focuses on not only career aspects but also focuses on achieving their personal goals & aspirations.”

Ishan Gupta
Mentor The20, Financial Analyst, Cisco

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Jose Alejandro Correa
Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

I am a Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco. Currently, I am working on building world-class collateral, giving valuable presentations and training demonstrations, and implementing effective product management/product strategy in order to enable sales and drive customer adoption of our Enterprise products.

As a first-generation immigrant and the first in my immediate family to go to a university in America, I didn't have that many resources or mentors to guide me. Wonsulting has been a community that always helps and inspires me to strive to improve. I enjoy learning from the Wonsulting community and giving back whenever I can. Outside of work, I am passionate about helping students with career exploration and development. I am a video game enthusiast and food lover.

Ami Patel
Incoming Product Manager, Microsoft

Hi, I’m Ami! I’m a first-generation student and incoming product manager. Upon graduating from UC Irvine with a BS in Computer Science and Business Information Management as a first-generation student, I went on to pursue my Masters in Project Management at USC.

I felt imposter syndrome and experienced many rejections year after year till I reframed my approach. My perseverance paid off as I landed internships at Tesla and Splunk that prompted me along my current path. I found my confidence and started sharing my #AuthenticAmi journey realizing I wasn't alone and I hope to help you find yours too! When I’m not working, you can find me watching anime or lettering. I also enjoy playing volleyball and exploring new food joints.

Yifan Gong
Lead Coordinator, Udemy

Hey y'all! I'm Yifan, and I currently work at Udemy by leading our recruiting coordination team. Before I was in tech, I had a (semi-short) career as a dancer and I spent about 10 years in retail management. I was a transfer student at Cal (Go Bears!) and graduated from the business school in 2017 and started my tech career after that. My first job was in sales development at LinkedIn, and then I pivoted to recruiting as a recruiting coordinator over at Instacart and then to my current role with Udemy.

Super excited to meet you all and help turn underdogs into winners! As someone with a super non-traditional background, I'm ready to use my experience to help y'all find your dream roles.

Patricia Young
Incoming Account Manager, Facebook

I am a first generation Latina and Asian Pacific Islander student at the University of Texas at Austin double majoring in Marketing and Human Dimensions of Organizations. I am a Bill and Melinda Gates Scholar graduating debt-free with a full time job at Facebook lined up for summer 2021. I am a huge advocate for women in tech and previously interned at companies such as Google and Facebook over the past two summers.

I am excited to be a mentor for The20, as I know what it’s like coming from a non target school with no experience in the outside world such as employment. This current job market is hard and I’m here to help you push through the BS and take what is yours! Let’s do this and get you employed!

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