The20 Cohort Curriculum

A 10 week curriculum to teach you the Wonsulting strategies to help you land your dream job.

The Curriculum includes:


Career Strategy

Saturday (10 AM PST), Workshops from Wonsulting team to cover job search strategies.



Wednesday (5PM PST), Working Session with an industry professional to implement learnings.


Industry Knowledge

Friday (5PM PST), speakers from Fortune 500 companies to share industry insights.

Hiring Process
Week 1:

Hiring Process & Identify Target Jobs

Career Strategy [January 8, 2022]: Learn how hiring works from the inside & what you need to know to identify roles that you can land.

Outcome [January 12, 2022]: Outline of your dream consulting job’s hiring process.

Industry Knowledge [January 14, 2022]: Learn more about how to identify the consulting roles that best align with your experience & career goals.

Week 2:

Resume & LinkedIn Strategies

Career Strategy [January 15, 2022]: Wonsulting will share insider tips on building the perfect resume to pass screeners (including the ATS) for positions. Learn how to build a LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters to your inbox.

Outcome [January 19, 2022]: A resume & LinkedIn profile so perfect that a Fortune 500 professional will sign off on your resume. Yes - you read that right.

Industry Knowledge [January 21, 2022]: Create and finalize your resume and LinkedIn profile to stand out in job applications.

LinkedIn Strategies
Week 3:

Application Strategies

Career Strategy [January 22, 2022]: Learn how to effectively apply to the right jobs, at the right time to maximize your chances of landing interviews.

Outcome [January 26, 2022]: A tailored application plan for roles.

Industry Knowledge [January 28, 2022]: Discover what makes a strong application stand out, especially those coming from non-traditional backgrounds.

Week 4-6:

Job Search Strategies

Career Strategy [January 29, 2022]: Learn how to land an interview without applying by finding hiring managers, delivering smooth coffee chats & ending with an interview.

Outcome [February 2, 2022]: Effective strategies to land interviews and opportunities.

Industry Knowledge [February 4, 2022]: Find out who is the most effective person to network with to land interviews.

Job Search Strategies
Interview Perfection
Week 7-10:

Interview Perfection

Career Strategy [February 5, 2022]: Learn strategies to overcome interview anxiety so that you can nail your behavioral and case interviews.

Outcome [February 9, 2022]: Structured behavioral & case interview sessions to best prepare you for phone chats & final round interviews. In addition, you can use a Wonsulting Interview Project Proposal to go above & beyond.

Industry Knowledge [February 11, 2022]: Practice and perfect mock interviews and case study prep to land your dream role.

Week 10+:

Ongoing Support

Unlimited Support: After the first 10 weeks, Wonsulting will continue to support you in your job search until you land your dream job. This includes compensation negotiation strategies, which will be conducted individually when you receive your offer. We will continue to share the most up-to-date job search strategies, host events & provide support to answer any questions.

Ongoing Support

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