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Resume Revisions

What is a Resume?

A resume is defined as “a brief written account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience, as that prepared by an applicant for a job or internship”.

Why create an effective resume?

By creating a resume, you are taking your first step into pursuing an internship for whichever industry you have interest in or the career job of your choice. Resumes are used as key marketing tools to show who you are through various skills qualifications, and experiences. Your resume creates a spotlight to your “personal brand”, promoting you to potential employers as a qualified candidate. The goal of your resume is to make yourself attractive to companies you are applying to and possibly securing future opportunities within an organization. 

Which format should my resume be in?

While creating your format, consider these two resume formats depending on your accomplishments and your end goals. They are as followed: 

  • Chronological: This format is the most commonly used by job seekers. Through Chronological order, your format should clearly show your work experience, with your most recent experience being first on your resume. This format also involves job titles and employer history being in chronological order as well to show your experiences throughout. You may also add important responsibilities, skills (technical), and other accomplishments that you think are important for employers to ​know.

  • Functional: Through this format, you focus on relevant skills to the position instead of focusing on recent experiences. This format has your skills and accomplishments highlighted from past work and leadership experiences. They are usually divided into three or more categories based on the resume theme.

How can Wonsulting help?

Wonsulting will revise your resume through the following process:

  • Wonsulting receives your resume in Word form and creates a Google Doc for edits.

  • Wonsulting then puts comments to your resume for you to review/reply to.

  • After receiving answers to comments, Wonsulting then revises resume as well as formatting.

To date, 100% of the clients we work with have landed interviews after having their resumes edited!

Resume Example (Old vs. New)