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Linkedin Strategies

Interested in landing your dream job/internship through our LinkedIn Strategies?

We specialize in creating a personal, customized deck to help you get into your dream career. The strategies we teach have been utilized by Jonathan Javier to get into Snap, Google and Cisco, which have all come from LinkedIn. These strategies including LinkedIn Message, Profile Views, Branding, Engagement, and Events!

What type of LinkedIn Strategies do we offer?

Wonsulting breaks down LinkedIn Strategies into 5 categories:

  • Message: How do you send a professional an effective personal invite/message which can lead to a foot-in-the-door?

  • Profile Views: How can you utilize your Profile Views and convert them into connections?

  • Branding: How you brand yourself online which can then lead to connections or opportunities?

  • Engagement: How do you effectively engage with a professional's content to lead to a connection?

  • Events: How do you stay informed about events occurring in your area for your dream companies?

We tailor your LinkedIn Strategies towards your needs!