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What services does Wonsulting offer?

We offer services for every stage of the job search process. We have tiers ranging from: Student (0-1 years experience), Early Career (1-7 years experience) and Professional (7+ years experience). You can sign up for any of the services including Resume Revision, LinkedIn Revision, Job Search Strategy, and Interview Prep. We also have bundles which are discounted at 25% off for all 4 together.

I signed up for one or more of your services. What are the next steps?

You’ll receive a questionnaire for each of the services that you have purchased. Be sure to fill out the questionnaires appropriately with the email you purchased the service with. Afterwards, we will move forward with the next steps to complete your service(s).

How do I get in touch with my service provider?

Our services require collaborative, communicative effort between the provider and the client through a 3 step process.

Step 1: A questionnaire is sent to you for each service purchased to gauge your experience and career goals.
Step 2: Once completed, your service provider will get in touch with you and you can reach them via email.
Step 3: Work with your service provider by sharing your feedback & responding to your service provider’s emails in a timely manner.

In the unlikely scenario that you cannot get in contact with your service provider within 3 business days, please email hello@wonsulting.com.

Can I request Jonathan or Jerry to complete my service?

Jonathan & Jerry do not conduct services at this time. Even better – you’ll be working with our Wonsulting team, which includes Fortune 500 hiring managers, recruiters & professionals.

Are Wonsulting services limited to United States or other demographics?

We help everyone! We’ve helped hundreds of jobseekers from international backgrounds from Canada, India, Singapore and more land offers in their dream careers.

I need to meet a deadline now, do you offer expedited services?

Crafting an excellent resume, preparing you for an interview, tailoring your job search strategy and LinkedIn profile all take time. Our team works with you individually so we can uphold ourselves to a high quality experience so you can move to the next step in your career. We are careful & meticulous in our service to you so we stick to our 14 business day turnaround time.

I filled in the form and haven’t heard back?

Our turnaround time is 14 business days after you submit the form. You can reach out to hello@wonsulting.com if no communication is received throughout this turnaround time.

I haven’t received my form yet. Where can I get it?

Your form will be sent to the email you purchased the service. On the slight chance the email was marked as spam, please check there. If not, please reach out to hello@wonsulting.com and we will resend you the form.

Which tier do I qualify for?

The service tiers are based on your total years of experience in the workforce. 

I was previously working in X industry, but am making an industry change now. Am I considered an [Early Career] client?

E.g.: 3 years in Consulting, 1 year in UX Design = 4 years total experience, so the Early Career package would be most optimal for you.

I am currently in graduate school but I worked for X number of years previously. Am I considered a [Student] client? 

Since we consider your total years of working experience, you will have to take into account the time you’ve worked prior to graduate school as well. E.g.: 8 years as an Account Manager, currently in Graduate school = 8 years total experience, so the Professional package would be most optimal for you.

I Want To Partner With Wonsulting, Who Should I Contact?

We partner with companies, brands, universities & organizations. Check out our partnerships page for more information. Else if you need to get in touch with our partnerships team, then please send us an email at partnerships@wonsulting.com! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do I Qualify For A Services Refund?

Wonsulting does offer a 100% full refund within 24 hours of purchase.

If you are no longer interested in continuing the Wonsulting service you can submit a refund request using this form. No refunds will be issued if you submit your request beyond the 24 hour timeframe.

Please do note that:
1. All sales are final once the service(s) is in progress.
2. Our 30-Day Guarantee for the Online Course does not apply to our Services.

I’d Like To Request For My Money Back For The Online Course

Please read the terms and conditions of our Online Course's refund policy. If you are unhappy with your purchase, feel free to request for your money back through our 30-Day Guarantee by using this form.

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